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Can LAFCO impose conditions on projects?

LAFCO is empowered by State law to apply a broad range of "conditions" to proposals that it considers and approves. As indicated in Section 56886 of the Government Code, these include: 

  • The payment of a determinable amount for the acquisition of existing property.
  • The levying or fixing and the collection of special or extraordinary taxes, assessments or service charges for payment for acquired property.
  • Disposition of responsibility for outstanding bonds or contractual obligations as well as the amount of responsibility.
  • The formation of new improvement district(s).
  • The annexation to or detachment from existing improvement district(s).
  • The incurring of liability or bonded indebtedness on behalf of the territory annexed or the Agency as a whole.
  • The issuance and sale of bonds.
  • The acquisition, improvement, disposition, sale, transfer, or division of property.
  • The fixing of use or right-of-use in any public improvement, facility, or property.
  • The disposition of any office, department, or board within the affected agency or agencies.
  • The disposition of employees affected by a proposal.
  • The designation of a successor agency to any agency extinguished by actions taken. Determination of the method for selection and the number of members for an agency formed or reorganized.
  • Determinations for the initiation, conduct, or completion of proceedings.
  • The fixing of the effective date for any change of organization.
  • The continuation or provision of any service provided or authorized by the Agency.
  • The levying of an assessment or the calling of an election to decide a special tax.

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